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Know Your Neuro Children’s Book Series

Go on an adventure with Neuro to teach kids about their growing brain! Parents, caregivers, teachers and children will have fun and connect while learning what the brain does and how to keep it strong by growing skills.

The Know Your Neuro series is designed to inspire children to grow executive function skills and protect their developing brain from high-risk behavior. Use the book’s corresponding videos and handouts to keep the conversation going at Watch out for more adventures of Neuro to come!

The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide

Dr. Crystal Collier offers a validated neurodevelopmental approach to help parents raise their kids to refrain from engaging in high-risk behaviors. In the guide, Dr. Collier shows what healthy brain development looks like, how risky behaviors can derail that trajectory, and how to keep development on track. Illustrated in a fun, infographic style, The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide puts at parents’ fingertips the developmentally appropriate prevention science they need to set children up for success from elementary school to college.

Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for Best Interior Design and Finalist for Best Education book.

Inside The Guide

The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide includes tools, activities, contracts and scripted talks for 18 high-risk behavior topics, such as alcohol, marijuana, other illicit drugs, technology overuse, vaping and e-cigarettes, pornography, body image and eating issues, self-injury, suicide, dating violence, risky sexual behavior and more. The Guide gives parents the scientific basis for setting healthy boundaries and limits regarding the many risky behaviors faced by today’s youth, and what those limits should look like at each phase of brain development. This is the practical information parents, teachers and counselors need to be ‘Brain-Savvy’ — to know what prevention measures to take, and when — to help kids make healthy choices for life.

Digging Deep with FOO Mapping©

FOO Mapping©: An 8-Week Journey to Map the Family-of-Origin Patterns That No Longer Serve You  is a workbook that will guide you to uncover and understand, from a neurodevelopmental perspective, your ‘FOO Buttons’ — brain patterns you developed as a child in response to events in your family of origin (FOO) — and how they activate and sustain unhealthy patterns in your adult life.

On your FOO Mapping journey, you will create a graphic representation of your own FOO Buttons, see how childhood brain development shaped them, and create an individualized plan for rewiring your brain. By the end, you will have new tools to craft healthier coping patterns and healing practices whenever your FOO Buttons are pushed.

Inside The Workbook